Elliptic Curve Cryptography via OpenSSL

1.avif Consider the following scenario: you’re chatting with your buddies on a social media platform, but you’d like to keep your conversations private. This is just one of the ways public key cryptography is making communication safer and more secure with End to End encryption.

Have you ever wondered how your online passwords and financial transactions are kept secure? It’s all thanks to the power of public key cryptography, and two of the most widely used algorithms are RSA and ECC.

2.avif Intro of elliptic curve

Mastering SQL Through Practice: Exploring Sylvia Moestl Vasilik’s Exercises — Part 8

89281535-5ed9-4a6e-889f-0261a224089e.avif In this blog, we will be solving advanced-level questions 51–57 from the book. You can read the blog and solve the problems as you go. Previously, we solved questions 41- 50, to visit the blog click here


Mastering SQL Through Practice: Exploring Sylvia Moestl Vasilik’s Exercises — Part 7

sql-7.avif In this blog, we will be solving advanced-level questions 41–50 from the book. You can read the blog and solve the problems as you go. Previous Blog where we solved questions 32–40, the link is here


Mastering SQL Through Practice: Exploring Sylvia Moestl Vasilik’s Exercises — Part 6

sql-6.webp In the previous blog, we solved intermediate problems. In this blog, we will be solving advanced-level questions from the book. You can read the blog and solve the problems as you go.


Mastering SQL Through Practice: Exploring Sylvia Moestl Vasilik’s Exercises — Part 5

sql-5.webp In the previous blog, we answered some basic questions ranging from 15 to 19. I hope you found your answers in the provided information. We’ll be answering intermediate questions in this blog, so keep reading and you’ll find answers as you go. You can view the solution and description for any question by clicking on it.


Mastering SQL Through Practice: Exploring Sylvia Moestl Vasilik’s Exercises — Part 4

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Mastering SQL Through Practice: Exploring Sylvia Moestl Vasilik’s Exercises — Part 3

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Mastering SQL Through Practice: Exploring Sylvia Moestl Vasilik’s Exercises — Part 2

sql-2.avif SQL

MySQL is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) that uses Structured Query Language (SQL) to manage and manipulate data. It is one of the most widely used databases in the world and is known for its speed, scalability, and reliability.

MySQL can be used for a variety of purposes, including storing data for websites and web applications, managing data for business applications, and more. It allows users to create, modify, and manage tables, columns, and relationships between data in a simple and efficient manner.

MySQL is supported on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, and macOS, and it is available in both community and enterprise editions.

We have solved few introductory problems for anyone who has recently started learning SQL and want to gain hands on experience on real life like data. We have also provided the solution along with each task, so if you get stuck in any of it, we can help you to successfully solve all of the queries. If you haven’t already installed SQL Workbench, go to my previous blog where I have explained in step by step manner to install the same.


Mastering SQL Through Practice: Exploring Sylvia Moestl Vasilik’s Exercises — Part 1

sql-1.avif In the previous blog, we solved intermediate problems. In this blog, we will be solving advanced-level questions from the book. You can read the blog and solve the problems as you go.


Mastering SQL Through Practice: Exploring Sylvia Moestl Vasilik’s Exercises — Part 1

1.avif Welcome to my Blog on solving queries from Sylvia Moestl Vasilik’s book! In this tutorial, we will be working through a series of 57 questions that are featured in Vasilik’s book, a popular resource for learning about MySQL and relational database management.


Connecting Grafana to CloudWatch

1.avif Basically, Grafana is an open-source program used for analytics and visualization. No matter where your data is kept, you can examine, validate, and display it with Grafana. Simply said, it offers several tools that may transform the data in your database into stunning graphs and visualizations.


Hosting a website for free, and secured via HTTPS

2.avif Nowadays, getting a website is not a particularly difficult job, but practically everyone wants to know how to build it for free. Therefore, you will learn all the processes required to build a free website through this blog.

The process’s two most crucial concepts must first be understood, though. You will need a domain name before you can build a website for free.

A domain name is an Internet resource name that is universally understood by Web servers and online organizations and provides all pertinent destination information. To access an organization’s Web-based services, website users must know the precise domain name.


Creating a Pipeline between Github action and EC2 instance for building a docker image and network

3.avif Contents: Introduction Establish a pipeline between Github and EC2 instance.

The definition of a pipeline with regard to DevOps must first be understood in order for us to comprehend the design of a pipeline fully.

A pipeline is a group of automated procedures or tools that developers use to create and release code into a live environment. Generally speaking, a pipeline consists of three primary parts:

Build automation/continuous integration: Test automation Deploy automation

It generally contains a set of tools that are divided into the following parts : Source Control Build tools Containerization Configuration Management Monitoring


How to get the name of EC2 from its instance-id using AWS Lambda

4.avif If you are an AWS user, you might have encountered a situation where you have to get the name of an EC2 instance from its instance ID. This can be a daunting task if you are new to AWS. Fortunately, with the help of AWS Lambda, it is now possible to automate this task and get the instance name in a few simple steps. In this blog, we will guide you through retrieving the name of an EC2 instance from its instance ID using AWS Lambda. So, let’s get started!

def ec2_name(instanceId): ec2r = boto3.resource('ec2') running_instances = ec2r.instances.filter( Filters=[{'Name': 'instance-state-name', 'Values': ['running']}, {'Name': 'instance-id', 'Values': [instanceId]}]) for instance in running_instances: for tag in instance.tags: if 'Name' in tag['Key']: name = tag['Value'] print(name) def lambda_handler(event, context): instanceIds = ["i-0d397eb19ba20063b", "i-0077a88cef38d609e"] for i in instanceIds: name = ec2_name(i) print(name)


Note: It will return the name for only instances which are running.

I hope this article was informative and provided you with the details you required. If you have any questions related while reading the blog, message me on Instagram or LinkedIn.For any kind of work related to DevOps, Site Reliability you can contact me at helpmeanubhav@gmail.com Special credits to my team members: Gaurav Kachariya and Krisha Amlani. Thank You…

Restarting inactive EC2 instance via AWS Lambda , Boto, and notifying an instace outage to Slack

5.avif Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become one of the most popular cloud computing services, providing a wide range of tools and services to help businesses run their operations smoothly and efficiently. Among its many offerings, the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is a powerful and flexible service that allows users to easily deploy and manage virtual servers in the cloud.

However, even the most reliable systems can experience failures, and when an EC2 instance fails a status check, it can cause serious disruptions to your business. That’s where AWS Lambda comes in. With its ability to execute code automatically in response to events, Lambda provides an easy way to reboot a failed EC2 instance and send notifications to Slack, a popular team communication platform.


Monitoring EC2 instance status using AWS Lambda and Boto Library

6.avif As more businesses and organizations turn to cloud computing for their infrastructure needs, it becomes essential to keep track of the status of their resources in real time. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a powerful suite of tools to manage resources, including EC2 instances. However, keeping an eye on the status of your EC2 instances can be a time-consuming task.

Fortunately, AWS Lambda offers an efficient solution to automate this process. In this blog, we will explore how to monitor EC2 instance status using AWS Lambda and help you keep track of your resources with minimal effort. So, whether you’re a developer, an IT professional, or a business owner, this blog is for you! more

Argo CD with Kubernetes and GitOps

7.avif Welcome to my blog! Today, I want to introduce you to a powerful tool for managing your Kubernetes applications: Argo CD. Argo CD is a GitOps-based continuous delivery tool that allows developers to declaratively manage their application deployments by using git as the source of truth for their desired application state.

With Argo CD, you can easily deploy, update, and manage your applications in a Kubernetes cluster. By using git as the source of truth, you can ensure that the deployed application always matches the desired state defined in git and that everyone on your team is working with the same version of the application. This helps to promote collaboration and transparency in the deployment process. more

Running Jenkins inside Docker Container, along with container within a container

24.avif Welcome to our technical blog on Jenkins and Dockers. Let me brief you about Jenkins and Docker.

Jenkins + Docker

Jenkins is a popular open-source automation tool that helps automate software building, testing, and deployment. Docker, on the other hand, is a platform that allows you to easily create, deploy, and run applications in containers.

In this blog, we will be discussing how to use these two powerful tools together. Whether you are new to these tools or a seasoned veteran, we hope that you will find this blog informative and helpful in your journey.

Let’s look at the procedures we should follow to run a docker container inside the Jenkins Container; more

Hosting a custom mailbox to send Mail on cloudfare

8.avif This article discusses using HTML code to trigger a mailbox to send mail. To set up HTML code to start, go to our most recent tutorial. The benefit of adopting this approach is that the mail, from which you must send the letter, will be double-verified. Let’s start by performing the steps; more

Using Inotify for internal audit logs in windows and Linux

9.avif In the realm of monitoring cloud or on-premises applications and DevOps scripts, we frequently want functionalities such as receiving alerts of file creation, deletion, or modification throughout the file system with time stamps, permissions, and location. This feature is provided by the Linux kernel’s built-in function.

Inotify is a feature built-in to the Linux kernel, which also has analogs in most other operating systems: In Windows, filesystem changes are exposed via the Win32 Directory Change Notifications API or the .NET FileSystemWatcher() API. Such mechanisms allow tools to be aware of changes made to directories and/or files they’re interested in. more

Learn how to trade on Pionex via Flashbots and Arbitrage

5.avif This blog will examine trading using pionex utilizing the digital money. So let’s examine what pionex actually is. Grid Trading Bot

Pionex is a type of cryptocurrency exchange with built-in trading bots that came into prominence in 2020 and has since achieved the status of a significant and well-known exchange supported by investments in fiat currency and aggregated liquidity from the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges online.

These bots help you to automate your investment strategy so that you don't have to constantly monitor the market. The free integrated bots offered by Pionex, which now reach a high of 16 in total, are one of the platform’s most noteworthy features. more

Building a Banking application via Smart Contract based upon Ethereum Blockchain

6.avif Open remix IDE from the link remix.ethereum.org The home page of remix IDE will look like this. Initially, there are many files and folders by default created by remix IDE there are useful for adding dependencies and more scripts for different purposes, Although they are not required here we can delete those files and create a new blank file. more

Office Scripting used with Power Automate Flow replacing Macros

10.avif In this blog, I will demonstrate how the competency report works. All of the logic which is utilized to generate the report is shown below.

Let’s get started with the stages involved in creating a competency tool. Step 1: Get information from the form that we submitted. We can see that we added the Script “FinalScript Sales Operations” to the Run Script connector. As you can see in the image below, the employee and manager’s names are in string format. Following that, all responses are saved as a string, and we have typed all of the questions that appear in each competency. more

Building a Competency Assesment tool via Power Automate Flow

11.avif We will learn to build a power automate flow to create a competency tool that will send a consolidated report once an employee fills out a form.

Microsoft Power Automate (formerly known as “Flow”) is a cloud-based service that allows users to create workflows themselves. Recurring routine tasks and processes in different programs/services can thus be automated. This makes working easier and more efficient. Until now, mapping and automating business processes were often only possible through programming. There were no standardized IT connectors. So far, workflows could only be realized with the SharePoint Designer within the Office environment. Microsoft Power Automate has solved this problem very well. more

Time Table Generation via Graph Colouring Algorithm

6.avif The assignment of labels to each vertex in an undirected graph is known as graph coloring. The color of a graph must be unique: two neighboring vertices, i.e. those with an edge connecting them, cannot share the same color. The issue originates from the dilemma of coloring a map, in which two neighboring countries (or states) must be colored differently. more

APK Reverse Engineering to get Source code of Android Application

12.avif Reverse engineering is a technique called decompiling that involves examining a mobile app’s source code for analysis. The binary is examined by decompiler software, which transforms the contents from a low-level abstraction to a higher-level abstraction.

Reverse engineering is the act of disassembling anything in order to figure out how it operates, whether it’s a lock or, in this instance, a mobile application.

An Android binary is called an APK, which stands for Android Package Kit. The APK contains application data in the form of zipped Dalvik Executable (.dex) files. more

Enable Alerts from AWS CloudWatch through Mail.

13.avifThis blog will show you how to receive alerts from AWS CloudWatch for any AWS service, such as EC2, through email and receive notifications for the same service.

I want to use it to monitor the performance of my AWS EC2 machine. You must first find a way to keep track of your workload so that you can make adjustments in order to cut costs. If the CPU use of your EC2 instance exceeds the threshold, alert management will notify you that Your EC2 instance CPU utilization is beyond the threshold and needed some action to be performed.

So let’s start our journey,*more

MLOps Pipeline via Jenkins and Hyperparameter Optimization

7.avif MLOps => Machine Learning + Operations, the easiest way to understand this is to put an MLOps pipeline into practice.

Let’s set up a pipeline on the AWS cloud using Jenkins and Docker. Additionally, we will employ hyperparameter tuning, which is a parameter whose value is used to regulate the learning process.more

Using Pancake Swap DeFi Exchange

8.avifWhen it comes to using Crypto exchanges, almost all the exchanges popular are owned by a central authority or a person , Eg: Binance is owned by Changpeng Zhao ,Wazirx is owned by Nishchal Shetty, these systems are performing well, but to make crypto systems perform better and optimize the cost some developers decided to build decentralized exchanges. A group of anonymous developers in 2020 decided to build exchange that allow the users to use peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions with a process that relies on automated smart contracts.


Deploying Multiple Organizations in Hyperledger Fabric Version 2.0 & Monitering containers via cadvisor

4.avif We have seen till now the Hyperledger Architecture, we will go into depth of working in the consequent blogs.This blog helps you get started with Hyperledger Fabric Version 2.0 along with container monitoring via Googles Cadvisor , I will also discuss the differences in Flow as compared to Version 1.0 . Lets get started !! I have referred the Standard Hyperledger Fabric Documentation , and followed the relevant and optimized steps. The prerequisites for executing this will be installing :docker ,curl ,wget,npm,Go and Python,I will give give you commands for Ubuntu Systems to install Prerequisites.


Performance Testing of an Application via Locust

15.avif Are you a developer who is looking forward to performing load testing on your application?

You might have heard about tools like Apache JMeter, SmartMeter, WebLOAD, etc. All these tools require some installation efforts and also familiarity with the usage.

In case you are new to this and want to rapidly implement load testing, then Locust tool written in Python is the go-to solution for your problem. It’s a one-line installation on your Linux Terminal as shown below: 16.avifmore

Converting HTML files to RST via PyPandoc Python Library

12.avifLet's see a procedure to convert HTML to RST file using the PyPandoc library by using Python.

An RST file is a document that contains code that is written in the reStructuredText markup language. The reStructuredText is used to apply basic styles and format the plain texts. They are used mostly for technical documentation of python programs. more

Golang debugging by using Delve

13.avifGo is a compiled programming language designed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at google.

It is statically typed language which is syntactically similar to C language but offering additional features like structural typing, garbage collection, memory safety, and CSP-style concurrency.


Creating Azure Functions using VSCode Editor and Python

10.avifAzure Functions can be defined as the cloud services that are available on the Azure portal providing updated infrastructure and resources that are needed for running the applications. It is used to build web APIs, respond to database changes, process IoT streams, manage message queues, and more. 11.avif In this article, we will explore how to create a python function that will respond to HTTP requests. Here we will test the code locally and then deploy it on the serverless environment of Azure functions. more

Getting started with Doxygen Step by Step

14.avifAre you looking to generate an on-line documentation browser (in HTML) for your project code repositories built in programming languages like C, Objective-C, C#, PHP, Java, Python.

Doxygen is a documentation generator and static analysis tool for software source trees. When used as a documentation generator, Doxygen extracts information from specially-formatted comments within the code. more

Using 150 GB of Free P2P Cloud Storage on Blockchain based Storj.io


Storj is a decentralized object storage network where data is encrypted client-side, broken into pieces, erasure en-coded (for fast and reliable retrieval ) , and spread across a network of fault-tolerant nodes.

This guide was created primarily for non-native developers or people who want to test a local network in a step-by-step, hand-held manner. more

Creating a Metamask Account From Scratch connecting to Ethereum Blockchain

9.avifOne of the initial steps to be taken for Blockchain development is to get yourself familiar with build toolkit of cryptocurrency which is programmable, first cryptocurrency of the world i.e. Bitcoin is not programmable. In 2013 Vitalik Buterin and Gavin Wood launched Ether (from the Ethereum Network Protocol), which is a programmable cryptocurrency, due to the implementation of state machines via Patricia Merkle tree data structure which helps in storing the states. 10.avif more

Building your first Azure Blockchain Workbench application

12.avif When it comes to Blockchain , often developers complain about lot of time being spent in troubleshooting installation and deployment issues. What if I say with Microsoft Azure you can deploy your applications rapidly without even going into any installation or deployment hustle, with only some provisioning required.

With this devs will be able to focus upon implementing Business logic and their productivity shall increase: Developers Reaction

Lets see the procedure step by step:

Just login into your account: portal.azure.com and search for the service of “Blockchain Workbench” => from the marketplace select Azure Blockchain Workbench. 13.avifmore

SonarQube integration with Azure DevOps and Svia Service Connections

21.avif About Sonarqube With this integration, we will be able to:

Import our Azure DevOps repositories into SonarQube so that we can easily set up SonarQube projects and analyze projects with Azure Pipelines, analysis into the build pipeline. Allow us to easily create SonarQube projects from the Azure DevOps Server repositories. This is also the first step in adding pull request decoration. The builtin SonarScanners running in Azure Pipelines jobs can automatically detect branches or pull requests being made, so we do not need to specifically pass them as parameters to the scanner (branch and pull request analysis is available starting in Developer Edition. Also we will be able to see our Quality Gate and code metric results right in Azure DevOps so that it is safe to merge the changes. 22.avif more

SonarQube Configuration , Installation ,Deployment via one-click-integration-script in Azure Devops using Decoker

23.avif SonarQube manual installation is always a pain for any DevOps Engineer wanting to do a DevSecOps testing on his ongoing code getting build, released and deployed via Azure Pipelines in the Production. Instead of doing installation and configurations which includes running scripts, setting up environment variables ,followed by troubleshooting in the linked Postgres DB and integration, getting things done spending some days, what if I say can be done within 15 mins ?

Yes it is possible .

Whenever wanting to avoid the configuration and installation steps to be done repeatedly avoiding the environment setting up issues, we will go with the best container tools in the market which is Docker. I would highly recommend any person implement this should have some basic knowledge about Docker Containers. To just go through the basics of Docker and standard Docker commands you can refer to this blog

Making an Android Application Live on Google Play Store

15.avifGoogle Play Store

As developers we build numerous applications on a daily basis to meet certain business needs while also coming up with some fascinating ideas. Developing and creating applications involves many different aspects, but making an app live on Google Play (for Android users) is where most people get stuck. So, in this blog, I’ve attempted to share a consolidated path through which any novice can make any application live.

Before we proceed, let us first define the phases that a specific application goes through. more 16.avif

Convert Solidity Code to UML Flow Diagrams

3.avifAs a developer, it feels awesome when we can write safe and secure code. To bring clarity and debug code better every part of the source code can be represented in the form of visual diagrams like flowcharts, graphs, and UML Diagrams to bring clarity to a team of developers building great products and services. To solve this problem we will use VS Code extensions available for UML flow diagram generation. more

Exploring Metaverse using: Spatial.io

Imagine how it will feel if you will be able to attend any virtual event by creating various different digital “avatars”?

Metaverse is the key to this opportunity. In simple words, the metaverse can be defined as the 3-D network of the virtual world which focuses on social connection using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). 25.avif

In this blog we will be exploring Spatial that will help us to create our own “avatar” and our own personal virtual space.

Spatial.io is dedicated to helping creators and brands build their own spaces in the metaverse to share culture together. Spatial empower their users to leverage their beautiful spaces to share eye popping content, build a tight knit community, and drive meaningful sales of their creative works and products. Spatial also empower our users to create beautiful and functional 3D spaces that they can mint as NFTs and sell/rent to others looking to host mind blowing experiences.


Implementing Load Testing and Real-Time Monitoring with JMeter, InfluxDB, and Grafana

14.avif Real Time Monitoring Through this article, you will get to know about load testing using JMeter along with InfluxDB and Grafana. How the setup is done with the installation process mentioned below. Load testing can be defined as the process of software testing in which the application is tested under specific expected load. For this purpose, we will first need to install JMeter. Real-time monitoring is the process of collecting and storing performance metrics for data as it traverses your network. more

Implementing meta transactions in your smart contract using Biconomy SDK

18.avifA meta-transaction can be defined as the way that allows the user to interact with the public blockchain without paying any transaction fee. A meta-transaction is a general Ethereum transaction containing another transaction, the actual transaction. The actual transaction is then signed by the user and then sent to an operator or something similar which means no gas and blockchain interaction is required.

In order to perform meta-transactions, a user needs to sign a message. After a user signs it, DApp (Decentralised Application ) sends the message to a relayer who sends that message into an actual transaction to a public node so the transaction can be mined. more

Exploring the remote-sensing technology: LIDAR via IPhone 13 Pro Max

19.avif In this blog, we will be discussing LIDAR, a major technological breakthrough that has created a great impact. LIDAR or Light Detection and Ranging is an active remote sensing technology that uses light waves in order to measure distance. Light pulses, combined with other data points generated by the system, create accurate 3-D information about an object in relation to its environment. LiDAR can see through objects, such as walls or trees. It can be used to create high-resolution digital elevation models with vertical accuracy of up to 10 centimeters.more

Code and Content Sharing Made Simple via Tools and Web Apps

20.avifAre you looking to share some text or code from one computer machine or smartphone to another device rapidly without losing the indentation of the content or sharing the entire file. Yes we have some quick methods for the same. Group working via code sharing Lets explore the available platforms with relevant features. more

How to Bind Python Code Executable .exe Files with Additional Library Folders

1.1.avif Build executable files for Python code and add data to the .exe file in the form of files or folders using auto-py-to-exe. Photo by James Harrison on Unsplash

Are you a developer looking to build executable files for your Python code along with adding some data to the .exe file in the form of files or folders? Yes, it is very much possible to solve this via auto-py-to-exe.

To make a simple .exe via your Python code with no links or adding of data via files or folders just follow my previous post.

To solve this problem I expect auto-py-to-exe to be installed in your workstation as shown below: 1.2.avifmore

WhatsApp Bot for Auto Replying & Sending Images via Python and Selenium

1.3.avif Are you someone who wants to send lots of quotes or shayaris (poetry) to your ex or to a WhatsApp friends or colleague group? Or maybe random emojis to your wife or latest girlfriend? This blog will help you out in programming a bot to impress them.

Here comes the demo:

Bot performing auto replying and login 1.4.avifmore