APK Reverse Engineering to get Source code of Android Application

APK Reverse Engineering to get Source code of Android Application

Reverse engineering is a technique called decompiling that involves examining a mobile app’s source code for analysis. The binary is examined by decompiler software, which transforms the contents from a low-level abstraction to a higher-level abstraction.

Steps to Reverse engineer an APK

Reverse engineering is the act of disassembling anything in order to figure out how it operates, whether it’s a lock or, in this instance, a mobile application.

An Android binary is called an APK, which stands for Android Package Kit. The APK contains application data in the form of zipped Dalvik Executable (.dex) files.

A decompiler is a tool that uses the APK’s contents to try to reveal the original code that was used to create the app’s many capabilities. The decompiler may occasionally fail to reverse a tiny portion of the program, even though this procedure is generally consistent.

Getting Started with APK Reverse Engineering :

Step 1: Get the APK for the application you just deployed.

Step 2: You must now visit the specified website to determine if the APK has been decompiled or not.

[APK decompiler - decompile Android .apk ✓ ONLINE ✓
Jadx Android application package (APK) is the package file format used to distribute and install application software…javadecompilers.com](http://www.javadecompilers.com/apk "javadecompilers.com/apk")

Step 3: You may enter apk decompile and select the first link, as seen in the image below.

apk decompiler

Step 4: You will now see a picture similar to the one below. Here, you must choose the APK file you wish to decompile.

Android APK decompiler

Step 5: Choose your APK as shown in the image below.


Step 6: You need to click Upload and Decompile after picking your APK from the below screenshot.

Upload and Decompile

Step 7: You must now wait until the procedure is finished, as shown in the screenshot below.


Step 8: When the procedure is finished, you will get a screenshot similar to the one below.

Reverse Engineered

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