Code and Content Sharing Made Simple via Tools and Web Apps

Code and Content Sharing Made Simple via Tools and Web Apps

Are you looking to share some text or code from one computer machine or smartphone to another device rapidly without losing the indentation of the content or sharing the entire file. Yes we have some quick methods for the same.

Group working via code sharing

Lets explore the available platforms with relevant features.

  1. Collabedit : is an online code editor that lets people collaborate in real-time. It works in your web browser so no installation is needed. You can go to the website , the home page looks like :

Collabedit homepage

To get started for using the features:

You can click upon “Create New Document” button, and it will take you to the new webpage with a unique newly created url “” =>XXXX are unique random characters generated every time.

For the newly created link this time for me looks like :

First time collabedit with generated code

You can share your link with another person whome you want to share your existing workspace with :

Multiple peers on a single link

In order to share your code for collaborative coding or teaching computer programming or for taking interviews , another peer of yours can also open the same link , both of you are now in sync and see each other’s code at the same time, share code and use it to solve your problems.

2. Pastebin: Pastebin is a website that allows users to share plain text through public posts called “pastes.” The site currently has 17 million unique monthly users.You can directly go to , create a paste of code, and you can share your paste link with anyone without having to worry about the indentations.

Pastebin homepage

You can enter the code that you want to share :

Enter code to make a paste

You can click upon “Create New Paste” as shown below:

create new paste button

Once button is clicked a new paste link with unique characters gets created as shown below :

Pastebin with uniqe link generated

Also you can decide time till which you want to make the link active :

Also it gives you flexibility to use multiple coding languages in premium and paid versions.

3. Codebunk :What if I say now not only you can share your code, but also you can run the code , and connect over a video call with your buddy solving problems with you in pair programming , yes it is very much possible via Codebunk:

Codebunk Homepage

You can run the code and see the output by selecting the programming language as well, as shown below :

Also you can have video calls and discussions along with code sharing over here :

I would highly recommend you to use this freeware to solve your problems and build great things.

4. :With this freeware you can do video calls, have 100 + languages added to code, along with this you get the feel of actual IDE with wide variety of themes available :

Theme 1 coding

Theme 2

Themes available

Language collection

Happy Coding everyone !!

For any further Queries or anything related to Automation via Python or DevOps you can DM me on Linkedin or instagram id=acanubhav94.

Special credits to my team interns : Kishan and Pratik.