Getting Started Step by Step with WAZIRX and Cryptocurrencies

Getting Started Step by Step with WAZIRX and Cryptocurrencies

Are you an aspiring cryptocurrency investor but confused about how to get started with investments ?, how will you get your invested money in crpto converted to Indian Rupees ? Whats the best digital platform or exchange to be used ?

I can answer all your smallest to biggest queries.

I was fortunate to enter Blockchain in mid of 2017, and started to work upon Ethereum Decentralized Application Building. I have worked as Blockchain Engineer with couple of startups, and as a Consultant & Corporate Trainer (Blockchain Subject Matter Expert) with 20+ Fortune 500 Companies.

For a new investor entering in the market especially from India, I will highly recommend him to use wazirx.

To get started with WazirX we will go to its website, home page looks something like this:

  1. Signing up :We will sign up / register to this web application, by providing email id and passwords:

Sign up and register page

2. Cryptocurrency List :Once you have logged in successfully you will be able to see the following page consisting of listing of various cryptocurrencies in INR, USDT( US Dollars Tether (Stable crypto)), BTC( Bitcoin).

List of cryptos on the left

3. KYC Process :According to the latest rules by Honourable Judiciary , RBI and the government we have to make sure that we complete KYC (Know Your Customer) to register our identity with the exchange.To get started with KYC we will go into account settings from the top right :

Select the Verify KYC option in the following window:

Enter the relevant details about your citizenship :

Selecting your country

Your Personal Details ,address of residence :

Personal Details

PAN Card number and image capture :

PAN Card Number

PAN Card Image

Aadhar Card number and image scanned :

Aadhar Card details

Aadar Card front scan

Aadhar Card Back scanned


Approved KYC


Congratulations you have your KYC approved, you can start trading , in the next blog you will learn to buy your first crypto currency , for this we will deposit INR (Indian Rupees) into the WAZIRx wallet and later buy BTC aka Bitcoins (first cryptocurrency in the world ) via deposited INR (Indian Rupees).

For any further Queries or anything related to Blockchain, Cryptos, Ethereum / Dapp Development you can DM me on Linkedin or instagram id=acanubhav94.